Saturday, September 1, 2012

Five Star Food and Service at Bar Louie Mt. Prospect

I have always been a big fan of Bar Louie and although I thought they had been slipping a little  lately, we went there for dinner last night anyway.  With probably the best food and service I can remember, my faith was restored. If you've ever read some of my reviews you know that I can be picky, but I am always fair. And that's why our latest visit to Bar Louie bears mentioning.

Our server was superb, the food was exceptionally tasty, and the whole staff made us feel welcome.
When I accidentally knocked over my beer, they came in with lightning speed to clean up the mess.  A new fresh beer was served up joyfully with no questions asked. Even the guy near me who got sprayed a little was in a good mood.

Happy Labor Day, Louie!

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