Monday, May 9, 2011

Gone fishin'

Now that we've covered cheap bar burgers and where to get em', it's time to do a 180 degree turn and go for some upscale seafood. And nowhere will you find better fish than at McCormick and Schmick's. There were 8 of us in our party, ranging in age from 7 to 87 and everyone went home happy. It was a tough mission for our server, Brook, who provided us with outstanding service from the moment we sat down until the time we left. We were fortunate to have reserved a private room, as we had two birthdays and Mother's Day to celebrate all at the same time.
The round of appetizers included a perfectly prepared bowl of Calamari, with two dipping sauces; a traditional seafood marinara sauce as well as another, a kind of garlic mayo that was a nice change from the ordinary. We also ordered the duck pot stickers and the shrimp tempura. Plate presentation was superb, and the pot stickers were served atop a bed of Asian slaw which provided a nice contrast. The shrimp tempura was skewered and arranged nicely as well, adding a visual element to the dish. For cocktails,I had a Mariner's Mojito which was excellent, and some Cosmos and white wine for the rest of the table. Everything paired nicely with what we ordered and came at the appropriate time, not too early and not too late. Before our entrees arrived, a round of ahi tuna sashimi was served on the house, a nice touch that really hit the spot. Then came dinner, and I must say it was at the top of the food chain. Rarely have I ever had a fresher or better tasting piece of fish than I did that night, and I've eaten in restaurants from coast-to coast.
The selections ranged from a puff pastry encrusted salmon to a Thai inspired Mahi-Mahi, and all were to die for. My personal favorite was the Wild Swordfish Casino, a perfectly grilled filet served atop a bed of spinach and vegetables and topped with a mixture of bacon and crab meat. Yum!
Of course, we couldn't pass up dessert and that was a hit as well. From the Key Lime pie to the deep dish apple pie served hot and a la mode with cinnamon ice cream, it was simply delightful. When all was said and done, I don't think we could have had a more satisfying meal or a more memorable evening. And although fresh seafood is notoriously on the pricey side, I felt that we received an excellent value coupled with best service we've had in a long time. Kudos to McCormick and Schmick's, and especially to Brook!